No. Patent Title Patent Number Inventor Ranking Authorization Time Conutry
24 The preparation of 2,2-diisopropylpropionitrile ZL103242194B 2 2015-06-10 China
23 Metal complexes with special fluorophores and their applications ZL201210072784.X 1 2014-06-04 China
22 Aggregation induced emission based on quinoline-malononitrile derivatives ZL201210199278.7 1 2013-12-25 China
21 The benzothiadiazole-containing indoline dyes and their applications ZL201010253334.1 1 2013-04-17 China
20 Naphthopyran derivatives containing naphthalimide groups ZL201010513544.x 2 2012-07-18 China
19 The analogues of violanthrone and their applications ZL200810037090.6 1 2012-02-29 China
18 Indole derivatives and their applications ZL200710172530.4 1 2011-07-20 China
17 Bisthienylethene derivatives containing 2,1,3- benzothiadiazole unit ZL200910047158.3 1 2011-05-11 China
16 Bisthienylethene derivatives containing naphthalimide unit ZL200710172531.9 1 2010-06-09 China
15 Indoline derivatives for organic sensitizers and their applications ZL200710046397.8 1 2009-12-16 China
14 1,4-Pyran derivatives and their applications ZL200710046717.x 1 2009-12-16 China
13 Spirooxazine derivatives containing naphthalimide unit ZL200510030813.6 1 2008-11-05 China
12 Electrophosphorescent benzoheterocyclic derivatives and its luminescent ligands ZL200410016565.5 4 2006-06-14 China
11 Electrophosphorescent 1,8-naphthalimide derivatives and its luminescent ligands ZL200410016567.4 4 2006-06-14 China
10 Dendrimeric macromolecular organic light-emitting materials containing naphthalimide unit ZL03151150.3 1 2006-02-08 China
9 Synthesis of acidichromic and photochromic functional dyes ZL03141534.2 4 2005-05-25 China
8 A block type electroluminescent polymer containing multifunctional groups ZL00111494.8 1 2004-06-09 China
7 Molecular twisted electroluminescent materials containing carrier-transporting functional groups and its applications ZL00116212.8 1 2004-06-09 China
    Open Number   Open Time  
6 Nitrogen-containing heterocyclic compounds and its applications CN104311477A 1 2015-01-28 China
5 A synthetic method of 2-methyl-2-pentenoic acid CN102653510A 2 2012-09-05 China
4 Asymmetrical star-burst materials and its applications CN101139309A 4 2008-03-12 China
3 Phosphorescent materials coordinated by perylene imide sensitized palladium (II) CN1990822A 1 2007-07-04 China
2 Soluble carbon nanotubes containing coordination center functional groups CN176900A 1 2006-05-24 China
1 Mono-layered carbon nanotubes with light-emitting function JP2005036112 1 2005-02-10 Japan

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[PDF from Baidu SkyDrive]
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